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Your Regional Reading Headquarters 

We are proud to be recognized for our extensive collection of Montana and regional interest books, from A River Runs Through It to The Last Best Place. Our Montana section is the place to find new, used and out of print local and regional authors.

You can spend hours browsing over 150,000 new, used, and collectible fiction and non-fiction books. There are also comic book titles and audiobooks to engage readers of different type and age. You'll be excited to take a look at our wide selection of non-fiction books and sidelines as well. 

Visit us today to get a 50% - 90% DISCOUNT on 95% of our books. 

Get New and Used Books at the Lowest Prices

In our bookstore you'll find bargain priced new and used books with an emphasis on regional interest, children, and young adult titles. We cover books from all genres like sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, action, general fiction, non-fiction, and literature. 

Exquisite Cafe to Make Your Reading Experience an Enjoyable One

Books and coffee are a match made in the book lover's heaven. At our bookstore, you can enjoy a complete reading experience with great books, hot coffee, and a panoramic view of the Rockies. 

Most Awarded Bookstore in Western Montana

There is something for everyone to enjoy at The Book Exchange. This is the reason why we have been voted the best used or new bookstore in Missoula for 29 straight years. We were recently awarded both "Best New Bookstore" and "Best Used Bookstore" by the local voters of the 2017 Missoula's Choice Awards.
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